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Electrovoice Q99 1250 W/CH Class H Power Amplifier


The Electro-Voice Q series amplifiers offer a package of reliable high output power, high efficiency and legendary pro audio performance.

These are now the premium choice as system drive for a variety of mobile and club sound systems like e.g. ZX, Tour-X and Phoenix loudspeaker families.


The stunning Q99 is based on EV´s reference-standard P-Series which guarantees the same high-quality construction and output.

The Q99 is designed for cost-limited, mobile applications and multi speaker installations.

It includes rear-mounted, dB-scaled level controls, and is packed into a two “U” rack space zinc-plated steel housing.


The Q99 Professional Power Amplifier gives an amazing 2 x 900 W Continuous Rated Power @ 4 Ohms.

It is an excellent choice for most club-sized systems,such as Tour X or QRx.

These EV Amplifiers are not just for Electovoice Speakers and are totally capable of providing power for any other brands.

Other Amplifiers available from the new Q range are: Q44 = 2 x 450 W + Q66 = 2 x 600 W + Q1212 = 2 x 1200 W

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  • High-efficiency power and performance
  • Innovative Class-H design
  • 1250 W per channel (2 Ω)
  • Dynamic headroom for all real-world applications
  • XLR pass-though input connections
  • Easy connection to bi-amped loudspeakers
  • Switchable LPN filter for extra tonal fundamentals and “kick”
  • Protective low-cut for systems without subwoofers
  • Built-in dynamic limiters
  • Complete protection package
  • Three-stage front-to-rear fans


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