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Electrovoice Q1212 1800 W/CH Class H power amplifier


The Electro-Voice Q series amplifiers offer a package of reliable high output power, high efficiency and legendary pro audio performance.

These are now the premium choice as system drive for a variety of mobile and club sound systems like e.g. ZX, Tour-X and Phoenix loudspeaker families.

The Q1212 is designed for cost-limited large mobile applications and multi speaker installations.

It includes rear-mounted, dB-scaled level controls, and is packed into a two “U” rack space zinc-plated steel housing.

The Q1212 Professional Power Amplifier gives an amazing 2 x 1200 W Continuous Rated Power @ 4 Ohms.

Bringing the horsepower to challenge the legendary P3000. It provides the same power from a 2U case at modest weight, making it a perfect subwoofer or high-power top drive for Phoenix, Tour X, and ZX3/ZX5 systems or system combinations.

These EV Amplifiers are not just for Electovoice Speakers and are totally capable of prroviding power for any other brands.

Other Amplifiers available from the new Q range are: Q44= 2 x 450 W  +  Q66 = 2 x 600 W  +  Q99= 2 x 900 W

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  • Super-efficient power with outstanding performance
  • Innovative Class-H design
  • 1800 W per channel (2 Ω)
  • Dynamic headroom for all real-world applications
  • XLR pass-though input connections
  • Easy connection to bi-amped loudspeakers
  • Switchable LPN filter for extra tonal fundamentals and “kick”
  • Protective low-cut for systems without subwoofers
  • Built-in dynamic limiters
  • Complete protection package
  • Three-stage front-to-rear fans


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